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AnnexinV-FITC Apoptosis Detection Kit (250 Assay)

Allows for fluorescent detection of Annexin V bound to apoptotic cells and quantitative determination by flow cytometry.


Catalog No:AVK250
Specification :250 Assay
Shelf Life:Store at 2-8℃.
Application:Early detection of Apoptosis


Fluorescence microscopy:

Excitation wavelength in the range of 450-500 nm (e.g. 488 nm) and detection in the range of 515-565 nm (green).

Flow cytometry :

Analyze on a flow cytometer using 488 nm excitation and a 515 nm band pass filter for fluoresce in detection and a filter >600 nm for PI detection.

No. Component Volume Cap Color
1 AnnexinV-FITC 550µl Green
2 Propidiumiodide 600µl Red
3 Binding buffer 300ml Transparent


Component AnnexinV-FITC
Volume 550µl
Cap Color Green


Component Propidiumiodide
Volume 600µl
Cap Color Red


Component Binding buffer
Volume 300ml
Cap Color Transparent