Lateral Flow Immunoassay Platform

Antibody detection is an indispensable tool in modern medical diagnosis and biological research. These reagents usually include antibodies or proteins that can specifically bind to markers or molecules of interest and are used to detect and measure various diseases . Markers and biomolecules. Using the lateral flow immunoassay platform is an innovative technology for performing antibody testing quickly and easily. Such platforms usually use microfluidic technology to allow samples to flow on small cards or devices and specifically react with detection reagents. Advantages of lateral flow immunology platforms include speed, convenience, and the ability to work with many different markers. We will explain the key steps of antibody immune selection, antibody purification, calibration grafting and presentation reactions.

1 . Antibody immune selection:

In order to obtain highly specific detection reagents, scientists often use antibody immunoselection technology. This process involves inserting antibody genes into host cells and then collecting high-affinity antibodies for antibody detection. This ensures the sensitivity and specificity of the test.

2 . Antibody purification:

Purification is a critical step to ensure high quality and specificity of the antibody. Scientists use different biochemical techniques, such as chromatography, to remove impurities and purify the antibodies to ensure optimal detection performance.

3 .Calibration grafting:

To enable detection on lateral flow immune platforms, antibodies are usually labeled or grafted onto the detection surface. This involves linking antibodies or other biomolecules to specific markers to make the test specific.

4 .Presenting reactions:

Finally, the detection reagents on the lateral flow immune platform interact with the markers to produce a measurable response. This response can be a change in color, fluorescence, or other signal, and is typically detected and measured using equipment to determine the presence and concentration of the marker.

Strong Biotech’s lateral flow immune platform technology has revolutionized the way of antibody detection, making it faster, more convenient and more reliable. This technology has a wide range of applications, including clinical diagnostics, biological research and vaccine development. The continuous improvement of detection reagents, antibody immune selection, antibody purification, calibration grafting, and presentation reactions is expected to provide more possibilities for future biomedical research and diagnosis, and promote the scientific community to move towards deeper knowledge and applications.