Cross-Strait Medical Aesthetics Cooperation – Innovation and Strategy Forum.




The forum titled ‘Opening Pandora’s Box in the Medical Aesthetics Industry: Special Lectures and Panel Discussion’ was hosted by the Cross-Strait Biotechnology Industry Cooperation Association and co-organized by the Taiwan Women Elite Alliance, Northern District University Innovation Incubation Alliance, Vanung University Incubation Center, Taoyuan City Local Industry Incubation Alliance, and Taiwan Biying Aesthetics Group. It took place on September 27th at 1:30 PM in the T1 Enterprise Building in Nangang District, Taipei City, and was a resounding success. Experts and senior managers present delved into the practices of Taiwanese businesses expanding into the medical aesthetics market in Mainland China, aiming to assist operators in resolving practical difficulties faced, thereby utilizing surrounding support to create a win-win situation of substantial cooperation across the strait.

The forum featured General Director Peng Zifeng and Chairman Pang Zhenyi as the main speakers, with topics including: (1) ‘How to utilize Taiwan’s exquisite biotech strength in medical aesthetics to layout and develop the Mainland China cosmetics market?’ and (2) ‘Opening Pandora’s Box of Medical Aesthetic Products – The Principles and Strategies for Treating Melasma’. The comprehensive discussion topic was ‘Innovative Thinking and Market Prospects in the Operation of Medical Aesthetic Enterprises’. The forum was co-chaired by Chairman Huang Jieyun and President Huang Xihui, with Vice Chairman of the Cross-Strait Biotechnology Industry Cooperation Association and President of Guangdong Meizhou Taiwanese Business Association Zeng Yuansheng, General Manager of Wenli Medical Aesthetics Company Lin Yunlong, Manager of Vanung University Incubation Center Lee Jinming, and others participating in the discussion. Guests from various sectors, including academic research, biotechnology, medical aesthetics, and marketing, such as Chairman of Yaxin Investment and Professor of Zhongxing Finance Liu Changqi, Executive Director of Luen Ying Living Hall Xu Defeng, General Manager of Morioka Think Tank International Marketing Company Lin Peisen, Ms. Fu Huimin from Taiwan Advanced Biotech Pharmaceutical Company, Art Aesthetics Teacher Wang Zhaoying from Meilin Ge, and Dean Chen Yalian from Shanying Cultural and Creative College, actively spoke or expressed opinions. The content covered professional theories, practical experiences, and innovative suggestions. All guests indicated that they benefited greatly and found the event enriching.

Chairman Huang Jieyun stated that the red ocean market of medical aesthetics in Mainland China can still be expanded if one captures irreplaceable core competitiveness. Taiwanese operators, by attending this lecture and panel discussion, will be able to obtain valuable information to be referenced, and by effectively utilizing local policy resources, can transform this into a market niche advantage.

The speakers and panelists of this forum were selected for their professional research prowess or for their considerable practical experience accumulated over a long time in China. The event provided an opportunity for exchange and sharing with domestic industry professionals, in hopes of aiding the promotion of future business endeavors.


This press release is provided by the Cross-Strait Biotechnology Industry Cooperation Association, Secretary-General Xu Jian.

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