7 steps to keep you away from stomach problems



We often say that we have stomach problems. Stomach diseases mainly occur in the stomach and duodenum of our bodies. Among them, genetic factors, bad living habits, emotional stress, smokers, and people who like to eat high-sugar, fried and pickled foods Those who eat processed foods, or those who take non-steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs and antacids for a long time, and those infected with Helicobacter pylori are all likely to cause gastric problems, so regular check-ups and preventive maintenance are the only way to go!


Rules for nourishing the stomach

Let’s all follow the following rules:

1. Avoid overeating, chew slowly and eat 70% full, remember to eat regularly and in small amounts and frequently. Eat a balanced, nutritious and light diet. You should avoid eating two hours before going to bed and give up the habit of eating late night snacks to allow food to be fully digested.

2. Live a regular life and get enough sleep.

3. Abstinence from alcohol, smoking cessation and eating betel nut.

4. Eat less high-fat and irritating foods, or foods that are difficult to digest such as glutinous rice.

5. Do more exercise and maintain a normal weight. BMI remains in the range of 18-24

6. Cultivate an optimistic attitude, stay happy, reduce work pressure, and find appropriate ways to express emotions.

7. Have regular upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, check regularly, and treat early.


Lei Xiaoling nutritionist